Imagine pulling up to a sandbar, setting anchor and never moving, even in windy or wavy conditions. It would never work! But with Sea-Legs, it can be a reality!

Sea-Legs are basically a pontoon lift which goes with your pontoon! You can easily and quickly stabilize your pontoon just above the water at restaurants, swimming areas, sandbars, shore fishing areas, when getting gas and more. They also act as your dock lift, keeping your pontoon safe even in high winds.

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What Are Sea-Legs?

Sea-Legs are the world’s only portable hydraulic pontoon lift. Two lift modules, or legs, are attached to the bottom of your pontoon deck and can lift and hold the pontoon up from the lake or river bottom. When retracted, the legs do not come near the water so there isn’t any added drag when moving.

Sea-Legs will fit on most 18-26’ standard pontoon boats. They are designed to work best on pontoons with a 8-½’ wide deck and 25” pontoons, however, other sizes can be accommodated.
When Sea-Legs are installed by Miller Marine, they carry a 2-year limited warranty. The first year covers parts and labor, the second year only covers parts.


How Do Sea-Legs Work?

Sea-Legs are raised and lowered either by remote control or a panel on your dashboard, depending on the package you buy.

They raise and lower in a matter of seconds, and the front and rear legs can be moved independently to accommodate all types of lake and river bottom surfaces – sand, rocks, muck – as well as sloped bottoms. Each independent leg has approximately 3,000 lbs. of extension and retraction power, so you’ll never get stuck, no matter how long you play.

When fully retracted, Sea-Legs tuck to within 5” of the deck bottom so they do not drag when you drive. Their total weight is about 385 lbs. and is evenly distributed along the length of the boat.

Sea-Legs are run off of a 1-horsepower pump and your standard marine battery. There is no need for additional power. The unit shuts off automatically when they are fully retracted to save power.


Why Choose Sea-Legs?

Sea-Legs are a great alternative to using a traditional pontoon lift.

With Sea-Legs, you get to enjoy the lake for longer because it only takes seconds to raise and lower the legs. You also don’t have to sweat as much because there is no wheel to crank, and you never need to tie it up because the legs hold the pontoon in place.

Besides those reasons, you’ll also enjoy parking your pontoon wherever you want: at a sandbar where the kids can swim all day while you watch from a stable platform, or at a real bar where you won’t have to tie up to the dock or run up the beach again!

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Sea-Legs Product Info:

Sea-Legs, the world's only portable hydraulic pontoon lift, is now stronger, faster and quieter than ever. Features include:

  • •1-hp single pump, single reservoir power unit (50 percent increase in horsepower).
  • •Alarm/power-saving feature; unit shuts off automatically when Legs fully retracted.
  • •Additional remote controls available.


1-hp single pump, single reservoir design
Sea-Legs pump tucks under corner seat


  • •Environmentally-friendly Chevron Clarity hydraulic oil provided with each set of Legs.
  • •Six-gauge battery cables provided with each set of Sea-Legs..
  • •No more dashboard wiring or face-plate (with remote control unit).
  • •No more under-boat alarms & wiring; reduced customer service calls.
  • •Reduced installation time (no alarm wiring; remote control replaces dashboard wiring)


Remote Control with one Key Fob
Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oil & Battery Cables Included