Need Help with Financing a Boat?

Miller Marine is Here to Help

Applying for a boat loan is easy, and we’ll handle the details before you even visit our showroom. Complete the secure application below and our team of Marine specialists will review your options for pre-approval and have the info handy when you stop by. Our close partnerships with industry-leading lenders allow Miller Marine to offer customers competitive and customized financing solutions.

When it comes to buying boats, you have more flexibility with financing than you do an auto loan. Miller Marine financing packages are often longer terms, like eight – 15-year loans as opposed to a five or six-year term due to a boat’s unique and decelerated depreciation factors. A lower monthly payment means flexibility for customers, granting the ability to pay off the marine loan how and when they choose. The simple interest, no prepayment penalty loans means you can pay the loan off in the amount of time you wish.

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