Ultra Legs

At Ultra Legs we want to provide you with the best hydraulic pontoon leg lift possible and we feel confident we can do so. By advancing on a proven design in the marine industry, there has never before been a stronger, sturdier or easier lift for you.

Ultra Legs Twin-Tube Legs consist of two individually powered leg units that bridge the gap between your pontoon floats. The Tri-Toon model comes complete with four separate legs. Tucked up within inches of your pontoon deck when not in use, Ultra Legs remain virtually invisible to the unknowing eye. Set your legs loose however, and you’ll enjoy up to six feet of effortless lift, planting your pontoon firmly in place and without ever needing to return to your heavy dockside lift of yesteryear. Each set of Ultra Legs is installed by a Pontoon Ultra Legs professional, giving you worry-free operation. The Wireless Remote Control makes operation easy and struggle-free.

River currents or mucky bottoms where you wish to park and put your legs down? With Ultra Legs, this is no longer an issue. Each set of legs features a wide footprint to anchor your pontoon without worry, regardless of the bottom condition or water push. The front and back legs are operable individually or in unison, giving you the most level lift imaginable.

Put your feet down. Make this an Ultra Legs summer.

Marine Ultra Legs